South Park: Stick of Truth


Oh, there you are! Today I’m going to explain you how to become the coolest guy in your school ^_^. It’s so simple that you will love it ,just play this awesome game named “South Park – Stick of Truth” ! ! !

This is the first “Epic Super Cool Grand Game Ever” of South Park serial, with a simple but so complex plot, all the characters from the original American show are in there and also all the objects from the serial ( like the book “The poo who took a pee” ). So the storyline is something like : I am a new child in the city, I need to be popular (on Facebook of course) and I have to make friends! So what do I have to do? I think I’ll be all right if I’ll join in a weird game with my neighbors..That’s the best start! Be a “warrior” in the army of humans!

I don’t know why but this game reminds me of “The Lord Of The Rings” mixed with some cartoon serials..but again, it’s awesome!

The graphs are the same with the serial’s one, this is good. I like the gameplay but it could be more..interactive I’d say… 


Graphs: 9/10 

Gameplay: 9/10

Plot: 8/10

Overall: 8.90/10

PRO: Nice “copy” of the serial, good plot for teenagers , many funny moments, nice but not so original gameplay ( the fights are like in Heroes I II III and so on).

CONTRA: Not so much fun with the open world game, repetitive characters.




Call of Duty: Ghosts


A very nice game with very good graphs, I just finished it and some others games so that’s why I didn’t make reviews…

The storyline is cool, made my to think about CoD Ghosts II, that would be nice, but…hurry up team ! Because this game has got a 4 hours gameplay. I finished the game on Hard in 6 hours, not so much……I really enjoyed the game but it’s really too short!

Also, the “6 GB Ram memory” is just a joke…the game use 2 GB not 6….I have 8 and I was so curious that I changed the RAM with 4 GB, after I cracked the issue I started to play. No problem found! The game worked on maximum graphs with no problem!

So…I was really upset with this….”marketing” of RAM. I expected a longer campaign…also the game is too complex…that’s not a really bad thing…so and so.

This is the trailer:


Graphs: 10/10 

Gameplay: 8/10

Plot: 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10

PRO: Very good plot, nice new features like “controll the dog”, a lot of stuff, complex

CONTRA: very short, the issue with the 6 GB RAM…


Apps for your smartphone : For a healthy life

1. Caynax A6W – A very good app made by CAYNAX for your abs, six pack in just 6 weeks!

2.Calorie Counter- a good counter for your health!

3.Instat Heart Rate-  something very good , heart rate with little diff between a real one and this app.

4.Zombies 5k- A fun app with a storyline for runners !

5.Workout Trainer- Made by Skimble Inc. it’s a very good app for everyday workouts.


Superman 64: It’s a trap! Don’t play this game

So I heard that this game is so badly and I wanted to try it. WORST game ever played, don’t know about your opinion about it but this game destroyed my imagination. I understand the game is from 99’s but there are more better games than this…”game”.

The plot is so ” Really?” and the gameplay is … full of bugs and with a bad control. The graphs aren’t in this game, with a 2D world in a 3D world , cars are the single objects that are 3D (+superman who isn’t so “super”).

So the game looks like:




Graphs: 3/10 

Gameplay: 4/10

Plot: 1/10

Overall: 3/10

PRO: the idea.

CONTRA: bad gameplay, bad sounds, bugs, uninteresting , bad graphs. 

Fifa 13 VS Fifa 14: EA Games just what you need

images (1)

Two football or soccer games, magnific games! 

Fifa 13 was released in 2012 and after a year fifa 14 came out, two games with a different engine but same graphs (at last with better faces in 14). 

Some of Fifa 13 users complained about the new type of gameplay a more difficult one, where you have to be patient and indifferent.(Gosh).

In my opinion the game has improved since EA concentrated more on football(soccer) games.  So the controls are better now and the gameplay too! Carrer mode is more realistic and there are more teams now. So Fifa 14 it’s something like a big update to Fifa 13. That’s all I can say.

Decision: Fifa 14>Fifa 13

Have a nice day 😀  Here is a comparison of the faces in game:



Counter-Strike 1.6: Old school shooter


Counter-Strike 1.6, a gold game, a very old but gold game ^_^.

Made in 1999 CS 1.6 is still played in some countries, still a very popular game, but now everybody can have access to the game because of the little interest of Valve. CS 1.6 had good graphs for that time, maybe the best ones for first-person shooters.

From this game began all online shooters. Players are in 2 teams, terrorists and anti-terrorists with some different guns between the factions.

This game was made for fun, but people started country tournaments and that made the game more competitive.

Time to time when I’m bored I start to play some “rounds”….still addicting!


Graphs: 8/10 ( for that time I’d give 10/10) 

Gameplay: 8/10

plot: 8/10

overall: 8/10

PRO: good control,  some good items, a lot of maps.

CONTRA: you get bored with the same missions, most hacked game.

Here is a gameplay:



League Of Legends: Multiplayer is the way


League of Legends or LOL is the most played multiplayer game in the world with 32 million monthly active players. The game is awesome and brilliant, a strategy game developed and published by Riot Games.

The game started in 2008 and survived without problems until now. The gameplay is simple but epic, players are formed in 2 teams (5vs5, 3vs3, 1vs1) and all the players have to choose a champion. A champion is a character controlled by you made to destroy the enemy Nexus, there are over 116 champions now everyone designed and skilled individual.

The graphs make me feel happy, action music brings you in a new world and all of these with the gameplay make an epic battle game.


Graphs: 9/10




PRO: epic gameplay, updates all the time, cool characters, nice stories.

Contra: maybe the game needs a mic, all the players are using skype so a mic would be the answer.

And the Epic Trailers:

Two Worlds 2: Best/Worst story for a RPG?


Two Worlds 2 it’s an action medieval game published by TopWare Interactive and developed by Reality Pump with a complex storyline. I’ve just played the game, made me sick…The action is actually very boring, the gameplay is ok I don’t complain about it, but it could be more plenteous. The game has got a lot of characters that’s a good thing but unfortunately yours is the most boring.

The plot started well, made me curious but after 10-20 minutes I just got bored, the game is so obvious that I knew from the start how it will end.

Also when I started the game for the first time, I was forced to insert all my personal data and that was very annoying if I wouldn’t the game would just start in demo mode 🙂 .


Graphs: 8/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Plot: 6/10

Overall: 7/10

PRO: Good start ^_^ , some interesting characters.

CONTRA: Boring plot, the gameplay could be better, too obvious, full of bugs.

This is the Trailer: